Mention three types of vascular bundles present in plants with diagram.

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Types of vascular bundles - 

1) Conjoint - Xylem and phloem are present on the same radii. It may be of two types - 
a) Collateral - Xylem and phloem are arranged on the same radius, xylem is situated towards the center and phloem towards the periphery. It may be open(when cambium is present between xylem and phloem) or closed(when cambium is absent between xylem and phloem). 
b) Bicollateral - Xylem is sandwiched by the phloem from the central and peripheral side, each one is separated by a cambium. This type of vascular bundle is commonly found in family Cucurbitaceae.

2) Radial - Xylem and phloem are present separately in different radii in an alternate fashion. The gap present between xylem and phloem is filled by non-conductive tissue.

3) Concentric - vascular bundle completely surrounds one another from all the sides. It is of two types-
a) Amphicribal - Where phloem surrounds xylem in the centre completely.
b) Amphivasal - Where xylem surrounds phloem in the centre completely.

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