mention two points of difference between planet and natural satellite .


A planet is a celestial body orbiting a star. 

Example: Earth

 Natural satellites:

Natural satellite is a type of satellite the other one is artificial satellite.

These are celestial bodies that orbit a planet or a dwarf planet.

Example: Moon is the natural planet of Earth.

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A planet is more specific. It's a body that orbits the sun and is larger than anything else in that orbit. A natural sattellite is anything that orbits something else which is not manmade

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The issue of a clear definition forplanetcame to a head in 2005 with the discovery of thetrans-Neptunian objectEris, a body larger than the smallest then-accepted planet,Pluto. In its 2006 response, theInternational Astronomical Union(IAU), recognised by astronomers as the world body responsible for resolving issues ofnomenclature, releasedits decisionon the matter. This definition, which applies only to the Solar System, states that a planet is a body that orbits the Sun, ismassiveenough for itsown gravity to make it round, and has "cleared its neighbourhood" of smaller objects around its orbit. Under this new definition, Pluto and the other trans-Neptunian objects do not qualify as planets. The IAU's decision has not resolved all controversies, and while many scientists have accepted the definition, some in the astronomical community have rejected it outright.

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if you say satelites are not man made then are planet manmade ? @kartikmelwani 's first comment.

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