Meritnation experts can you plz exaplain me the whole paragraph i cannit understand why are meritnation experts not answering this doubt kindly explain me the whole paragraph it is hard to understand i do not know meanings plz help me i am waiting from so long ???

Dear student, 

Disease can be caused due to two reasons:
One if we take something from outside causing us diseased and second if something inside our body functions incorrectly.
The external agents that cause disease are
1) Pathogens-disease causing microbes
2) Addictives- alcohol, tobacco
3) Pollutants and allergens such as dust and carbon monoxide gases
4) Nutritive agents such as too much of fat causing obesity.
​​​​​​5) Physical and mechanical agents such as bone fracture, cuts or accidents.

Internal reasons of disease ​can be due to malfunctioning of ones body functions.
It can be genetic that is transferred from the parents such as sickle cell anaemia or can be caused during the life of a person such as heart attack, diabetes, arthritis, haemophilia, etc.

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