MMD school,nashik recently organised a science symposium on the topic 'Effect of pollution on quality of life'.write a report for your school magazine

Effect of pollution on quantity of life

( By : Amit/ Amita Raazdan)

8th June, Nashik: Noise pollution is often ignored by all of as. It is the consequences that we face due to regular exposure to consistent elevated sound levels. This is a common issue faced by most of the citizen in their localities. We may not understand the consequences now but it really impacts all of us infact the quality of life as well as. Noise pollution has many physical and psychological health impacts for humans. Noise induced hearing loss, cardiovascular effects and distracts a human mentally. It can lead to problems like stress, annoyance, headache, etc.........

In the science symposium conducted recently the topic has been discussed in detail as we need to reduce pollution. As discussed, a strict law needs to be enforced to ensure that the level of noise pollution in a particular area reduces to a certain extent. We understand that celebrations are done but at the same time we need to understand its ill – effects. The major impacted are old – age group and the babies. Hence, there should be certain decibel of volume which should be permitted accordingly and time – limit that has been given till 10 p.m. should be followed. If the above rule are violated and any complaints are made then strict actions will be taken against this. We also need to understand that this noise pollution not only impacts human but animals. So, if we follow strict law and bring certain changes this will benefit all of us.

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