Motilal Nehru was a leader of the Communist Party of India. True or false

Solution -
The statement is false. Motilal Nehru never joined communist party of India..
After joining the INC, he became involved in the freedom movement.
He served as the organisation’s president twice, for the first time in 1919 (Amritsar) and then in 1928 (Calcutta).
He was even the president of the Allahabad branch of the Home Rule League started by Annie Besant.
In 1918, he broke away from the moderate faction of the INC and began advocating more radical reforms from the government. He still favoured only constitutional means to achieve this purpose.
In 1920, under Gandhi’s influence, he renounced his western ways.
He was arrested for his involvement in the non-cooperation movement along with Jawaharlal Nehru.
When Gandhi cancelled the movement because of the Chauri Chaura incident, he parted ways with the INC and formed the Swarajya Party along with CR Das.
He became a member of the Central Legislative Assembly in 1923 serving as the Leader of the Opposition.

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