My teacher told me to watch a video.Then ? should write a reaction paper.?t should be 300 words.How will i do this?I dont know how to write a reaction paper.Please help me..

Dear student,

A reaction paper would be like writing a review. While watching the video you can jot down in points what all comes to your mind or what is your interpretation of a part/ scene/ dialogue, etc.
As the name suggests, reaction paper, it is a simple record of what reactions a video evokes. Thus, it should be entirely personal and your opinion based.
You can divide your reactions into different paragraphs so as to avoid the mixing of thoughts.


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hey elif
when u have watched a video you have to write what u have understood from that video. you have to comment on the video. thats what reaction paper means. it means that you have to state ur reaction on the video 
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A better way is to pause the video at every minute and make notes of the period you have understood
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my reaction to the the video is - (write how you thought or your reacrion when you were watching the video mostly like emotes) .
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When you watch the video some thoughts comes in your mindregarding the video.
Write then down on paper in quick way and when you finish watching elaborate the points.
Take an example of movie trailer, the thoughts that comes to your mind are mostly like this-
  • Direction of movie is good/bad
  • I liked this character because of its ....
  • The story seems good/bad
  • This movie may be a Hit/Flop
This are few examples how we review some video, you consider your thoughts and try to elaborate it.

Hope this helps you..!!
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you need tell about that video.
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