name and explain two main basis that are used to compare development level of different places?

The two main basis that are used to compare development levels of different places are 
1) Per capita income
2)total national income
3) other measures are literacy rate, infant mortality rate ,birth rate , net attendance ratio.
4):. by this way the world bank has divided countries into 3 categories per capita income more than 4,53000 are developed 
   below 37000 are underdeveloped .
5) UNDP also considers infant mortality rate , net attendance ratio etc.
6) thus for example Punjab though has more per capita income though due to lower literacy rate (70%) is considered less developed than kerela who has though less per capita income but has higher literacy rate (91%).
7) therefore according to UNDP India stands 126th among 177 countries .
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in question it is asked for two with explanation
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What are the criteria used by undp for measuring development
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PER CAPITA INCOME: It is the average income earned by each person of the country in an year. It establishes a relationship between the income and population of a country. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX: It is published annually by UNDP since 1990. It compares countries based on education level, literacy rate, per capita income, life expectancy.
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