Name the type of gametes that are formed in staminate and pistillate flowers.

male and female gametes respectively :)

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 A staminate flower is a flower that lacks pistil. It produces male gametes i.e. sperms only.

A pistillate flower is a flower that lacks stamen. It produces female gametes i.e. eggs only

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Staminate- male gametes

Pistillate- female gametes

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Gametes that are formed by staminate flowers are pollen grains and that by pistil late flowers is egg
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Sperm and egg
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Your question is “Name the type of gametes that are formed in staminate & pistillate flowers”,so well what ever it may be it (gametogenesis)takes place by meosis so staminate flower produces haploid pollen grains ( male gametes) and pistillate flowers produces haploid ovule (female gametes).
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The types of gametes produced in staminates& pistillates are as : staminate=pollen grains or male gamete or antherozoid pistillate= female gamete or egg or ovum
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Since the male and female gametes formed are of different types, hence the gametes produced are anisogametes.  The male gamete is the pollen grain and the female gamete is the egg
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Staminate and pistillate flowers forms pollen grains and eggs respectively as gametes
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gametes formed by staminate are pollen grains and by pistillate is embryo sac 
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gamete formed by staminate are pollen grains while by pistillate is embryo sac 
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Pollen grain and egg resp.
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Staminate forms male gamete that is pollen grain n pistillate form female gamete that is an egg.
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staminate flowers produce pollen grain which further produces microgamete(male gamete) and pistillate flower produces ovule which gives rise to ovule
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Staminate flower will produce haploid male gamete i.e pollen grains because it lacks pistil.Pistillate flower will produce haploid female gamete i.e egg coz it lacks stamen in the flower.
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staminate-pollengrains and pistillate-egg
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pollen grains and egg
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Staminate flowers have lack of pistil so they male gametes (pollen grain) and pistilate flower have lack of stamen so thwy only female gametes (egg)
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What happens after the deposition of pollen grains in stigma
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Staminate flower : Male gamete i.e. sperm
Pistillate flower : Female gamete i.e. egg 
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Staminate flowers plant contain?gamete ?is called pollen grain that contains two sperm nuclei and pistillate?gamete?is called ovule that contains egg cell and two polar nuclei.?
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