Narrate the childhood experiences of Lucio Rodrigues.

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Lucio Rodrigues narrates memories of his childhood in Goa, where they shared companionship with the baker. The baker was a companion, friend and guide to the narrator and his friends. It was the jingling thud of his bamboo that woke the children up from their sleep. The children loved the bread bangles that they chose carefully. The narrator recalls how they tried hard to have a peep into the basket and the fragrance of the bread filled their noses. Thus, the visit of the baker added more colour to the childhood of the narrator and his friends.

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Lucio Rodrigues “Lagarto” was born on the 26th of October, 1980 in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. He started practicing martial arts with his father, learning Karate while also boxing a little when he was still a child. He started getting interested in Jiu Jitsu as most of his friends practiced the sport, he started taking classes when he was 13 years old with instructor Carlos Augusto (who is a black belt under Reyson Gracie). Lagarto was a natural in BJJ, and while most of his friends stopped training, Lucio continued and reaped the benefits of hard training, pursuing a career as a competitor.
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