narrate "the tale of melon city" in 100 words.


the tale of melon city is a poem which tells the story of a just and placid king who proclaimed that an arch should be constructed to edify the the arch was constructed,the king rode down the thoroughfare where he lost his crown as the arch was built too low.the annoyed king wanted to hang the culprit.this poem tells us how the blame was passed on from the chief of culprits to the architect who blamed the the noose was tied too high ans as the nation wanted a hanging,each man was measured to the noose.only the kinfg fitted to the noose and so he was hanged.following their custom,the first man to pass the gate will choose the king.when the man who passed the gate was asked to choose the king he replied "a melon" as ithat was his standard reply to all answers.crowning a melon,they led the melon to the throne,thereby the melon ruling the city.

how many marks will i get for this answer out of 4?

Hi Aishwarya, 

Your answer is good but it exceeds the word limit of 100 words. Also, following are are some suggestions which, if taken into account, will definitely help you to score better.

  • Take care of the punctuation errors and capitalisation.

  • Try breaking the lengthy sentences into short ones.

  • Avoid making spelling and grammatical mistakes.

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can u also give me holiday homework for english..i have already finished mine..n i have 8 days vry weak in english..please give me loade of work...

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