Tammunanu Flying Colours , asked a question
Subject: Science , asked on 18/6/11

No doubt air is an inexhaustible resourse.BUt as we already know Oxygen can get depleted so do we call oxygen an exhaustible resource or inexhaustible resource!!!!


Bapan , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 21/6/11

Hi Tammunanu,
You are correct in saying that oxygen in our atmosphere may get exhausted. But as long as there are trees, oxygen content in the air will be replenished. So, to prevent oxygen from getting exhausted we must plant more number of trees in our locality.
Hope this answers your query.
Keep posting and have a nice day!

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Tammunanu Flying Colours , added an answer, on 1/7/11
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Thanks a bunch

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Yashowardhani , added an answer, on 9/8/11
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thanx a lot, sir

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Shrikrishna Ks , added an answer, on 19/6/11
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 it is exhaustible, ofcourse

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