No doubt, mother the best gift (a)______
of God to mankind .she brings to life, (b)_________
rears us all her might and (c)_________
keeps awake for countless nights our (d)___________
infancy .she spends best years of her (e)_________
life, her youth our upbringing . (f)______
therefore we cherish our mother (g)______
and our best to put a smile on her face (h)_________

very very nice but why do u blank some spaces???
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missing word fill karo....
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Not so easy...
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a) is b) us c) as d) of e) the f) in g) all h) do
thumbs up plss!!!
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sry roma but i don't think that ur answer is suitable for the above que...
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then tell ur answers pls..
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i don't have matches of all answer
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mother (a)is the 
brings (b) us to
us (c) with all her 
nights (d) during our
spends (e)the best
youth,(f)in our upbringing
we (g)should cherish
and (h)do our
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BBC ke answer key me hau
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(a)mother is the
(b)brings us to
(c)us with all
(d)nights during our
(e)spends the best
(f)youth in our
(g)we should cherish
(h)and do our
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is the
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brings us to
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  • a)  is
  • b)  us
  • c)  with
  • d)  during
  • e)  the
  • f)   in
  • g)  should
  • h)  do     
  • '''''''''''HOPE IT IS USEFUL'''''''''
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