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7. (a) What changes will occur to the interference fringe in Young's double slit experiment when

(i) distance between the slits is reduced and (ii) the whole system is immersed into water?

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Using the formula Y=  λ​D/d
where D = distance from screen
d = distance between slits.
So fringe width will be increases

2)  On immersing the apparatus in a liquid(say water), the wavelength of  light decreases.
That is :-
 λ'=λμ            ..............(1)
As fringe width is calculated by:-
β=λD2d           ........(1)
Put value of λ=λ'μ in eq.(1):-
Now:- β'=λμ*D2d
That is fringe width decreases and hence becomes 1μ times of its value in air.


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