Note on transpiration of gases in blood

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Transpiration is the loss of water and this occur mainly in plants.

Transport of gases in blood -this hapens in case of animals.
Gases like Oxygen and carbon-dioxide are mainly transported in Human blood.
Transport of Oxygen - O2 is transported from lungs to tissues via Hemoglobin. Each hemoglobin molecule is capable of carrying up to four molecules of oxygen.
                    Hb + O2 ↔ Hb − O2
This reversible chemical reaction  leads to formation of oxyhemoglobin.

Transport of Carbon-dioxide - CO2 transport occurs by 3 ways:-
1. CO2 molecule is dissolved in blood and transport is by blood plasma
2.CO2 transport is in form of bicarbonates which also dissolves in blood plasma.
3. transport by erythrocytes i.e. hemoglobin and product formed is Carbaminohemoglobin.


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