nouns 2 The Noun AJ You have learnt that there are five kinds of Nmms. Common Nouns : City. table, television. oven. continent, camera, etc. proper Nouns Asia, Srinagar, Harry Potter, Jog Falls, the Pacific Ocean. the Taj Mahak etc. 3. Collective Nouns : Audience. pack. deck. cluster, etc Material Nouns ; Nylon, polyester. jute. etc. proposal, happiness. failure. victory. Underline the Nouns in the folio-wing sentences and write the-ur kinds. one done for you :— 1. The king said to his "There are two absolutely necessary to be successful in lift — and Ans. King, son. things (common nouns), life, honesty, wisdom (abstract "tnins). 2. Nelson Mandela became the first President of South Africa. 3. The news of terrorist attack in the city spread like wildfire and people collected in front of the minister's house. 4. Inspite of her age, the old lady loved wearing ornaments of gold and silver. S. The jury found the prisoner guilty and sentenced him for ten years. Underline all the Nouns in the following passage and state their The Immortals of Meluha is the first novel of the Shiva rilogy series by Amish Tri*. story is set in the land of Meluha and starts with the arrival of the Tibetan tribal Shiva Meluhan belief that Shiva is their fabled Neelkanth is confirmed when he the a legendary healing potion, which turns his throat blue. It's sequel, The Secret Of the Nagas, along with The Immortals of Melhua, have crossed a Bint run of a million copies and earned $22 crore within two years of publishing. C&ctive Noun Abstract Noun Common Noun Proper Noun i. Fill in the blanks with the Abstract Noun forms of the worå given below (he is for you :— destroy, civilise, defy, cooperate, relax, argue, educate, discuss, propose, prefer i. No one can deny the importance of in a life

APact with the sun classvi common noun and proper noun
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