Of the animals, how does the individual's body develop and organise its different parts, and what are the specialised organs found for different functions?

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The development of different body parts in animals takes place during embryonic development. It is not possible to provide the development of body parts in all animals. The lower organisms are diploblastic i.e have only two germ layers (ectoderm and endoderm). In these animals the organs development form only these two layers during embryonic development. The development is nearly similar in higher organisms like all mammals. I am providing you the development in mammals here.
After fertilisation the zygote is formed. The zygote undergoes consecutive cell divisions and results in the formation of embryo.
The cells of the embryo in the initial stages form a structure called embryonic disc. The cells of the disc differentiate at an early stage and form an outer layer of cells, the ectoderm and an inner layer called endoderm. At a later stage the mesoderm is formed and these three germ layers give rise to all the tissues of the developing embryo. The development of three layers in this way is called gastrulation and occurs 10-11 days after fertilisation. 

The gastrulation is followed by organogenesis.
1.Ectoderm is the outermost layer that will form the epidermis and the nervous system.
2. Mesoderm will form ribs, muscles, bones, cartilage, blood vessels etc.
3. Endoderm will form epithelium of digestive and respiratory system and the organs associated with them etc.  

The list of specialised organs in animals and their functions are listed below:
  1. Digestive system :  Digestion of food
  2. Respiratory system: Oxidation of food to produce energy
  3. Circulatory system: Transport of nutrients and respiratory gases
  4. Excretory system: Removal of metabolic wastes
  5. Nervous system: Control and coordination of the body
  6. Skeletal system: Structure and support to the body
  7. Muscular system: Helps in movement of body parts
  8. Endocrine system: Control and coordination of the body
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all the animals have same basic organs but some can be differed 
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