ohh plzz anybody give me the summary of  this poem..with the introduction , middeling nd what the suggestion it want to give us.....

on killing a tree.. summary plz

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 hope it helps!!!
On killing a tree” is written by Gieve Patel. It tells 
us that only cutting the branches or cutting its stem is not enough to kill a tree. The branches and leaves will grow again. We need to cut out the root and 
dry it in the sun so that it is destroyed. 
This poem 
highlights a lot of morals. Firstly, it displays the destructive nature of 
humans. Secondly, it shows tht mother nature is inevitable and cannot be 
easily destroyed. Thirdly, the tree is a symbol of mankind. It says that human 
life is not so easy to end. If we cut the fingers or the skin, then we do not 
die. It is the heart that should be cut-out. This is the main theme of the 
The poem is very 
short. But it slashes out scar in our minds.

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ohh nice 1...thanx...thumbs up frm me...

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