older brother has shifted to some other city as his new job demand so yoou miss him a lot taking ideas frpm clues given below write a diary entry about 100 to 120 words.
older brother shifted to new place
house feels empty
miss presence a lot
good for his future
will back after some time

June 10 , 2016
8:30 am

Dear friend , 
            Good morning my dear diary ! I think today will be a very good day . But my dear friend... do u know one thing ?  I miss my older brother a lot . 3 days before he went to mumbai in search of job . I feel my house very silent and empty as he is not there . Although it is good for his future , I think he would have searched job some where near to my place . But he went very  far . me and my brother always use to fight and play . he always fights with me but he loves me a lot . I think he will be back soon after a week or month . i am waiting for my brother ....

                                                Bye my dear friend ... its becoming late for school...meet u in the evening ....
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