OMITTING EXERCISE:                                                                                              
        I would welcome the chance working as a part                      e.g. chance of working
       of a small dynamic team. I could make                                      (a) ___ 
        significant contribution while developing                                (b) ____
       my skills further. I be happy to                                                  (c)____
      show you a portfolio of work.                                                     (d)____
      I am available interview next week and                                      (e)___
      look forward to hearing you.                                                        (f) ____
      It be an honour to contribute                                                         (g) ___
     for the wellbeing of mankind society.                                           (h)___

a) small and dynamic. b) a significant contribution. c) I would be happy. d) of my work. e) available for interview. f) hearing from you. g) it would be. h) mankind and society.

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