An article on 'The importance of wildlife conservation and their role in maintaining biodiversety '.

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The importance of wildlife conservation and their role in maintaining biodiversity

-loss of wildlife leads to irrevocable loss of native species and those which are endemic to a specific area leading to an irretrievable loss in terms of biodiversity. Hence, it is important that wildlife conservationists devote their attention to those animals which are endangered or threatened

-funds should be set aside for wildlife studies and conservation practices, special sanctuaries should be opened up by the government in order to protect the species at risk

-it is to be noted that there are many species which have become endangered, threatened or altogether extinct, this will severely damage the ecosystem as every specie has a role to play for the world to work in tandem

-destruction of wild life also leads to the loss of their habitat which would mean the wiping out of entire ecosystems

-overkilling, habitat destruction, introduction of foreign species are some of the ways in which the destruction of wild life takes place, man forgets that every little detail is important in maintaining the health of the planet and it is in these little ways that a large impact is going to be created,taking a toll on everyone

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