one lie leads to another and there is no end to it. a person who lies becomes an addict. it is difficult but not impossible to stop telling lies. what should be done to avoid this vicious circle and the suffocating web of telling lies? elucidate with reference to what you have studied in "Going Places"?​

give new anser of value based question in easy language of 6 marks

Dear student,

It is true that one should never lie. A person has to tell a hundred lies to cover up one lie and this eventually develops into a regular practice. Sophie had once cooked up a story about meeting Danny Casey and she could not take her words back. She did not even want to tell the reality to anyone and thus, she resort to imagining things of her own and cooking up more stories. She was trapped in a vicious circle. To avoid such a situation or condition. one should always speak the truth so that he doesn't have to lie the next time as well or feel embarrassed in case the truth is spoken by someone else.


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