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otba ix english sample questions


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OTBA sample questions papers are already available on our Website. Kindly refer to the same. 

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Moral issues regarding IT- mention any 4.

List personal data gathered by IT- any 4.

Advise friends (in any 4 ways) on using Facebook.

Misuse of Twitter/ Facebook- any 2

Freedom of Speech vs. Inciting Public Passions

Financial Transactions through Internet Bankinga. Mention any 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages

b. How can financial companies make use of this information?

c. How can we regulate the use and store of this information?

How and why is IT becoming an integral part of our lives today?. What is Breach of Privacy?. What are ethics? How do they become important in the IT world? . *Draw a poster on the use and misuse of Technology. Suggest 4 ways to make a Net-user wary of revealing personal details to unknown people. How well are u connected on FB? How many friends have u made on FB? . Who do you think are more faithful- FB friends or friends next door? Do you think -FB friends are faithful? How practical is that? . Can children keep pace with the fast growing technology? Comment.9. How can schools teach moral values in connection with social networking?

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