Oues.6 short answers

Oues.6 short answers Slrnp\e or table, (b) Complex table: (1) Double or Twcrwa'i table. (3) Manifold table 2. Short Answer Type Questions 4-•SVbat is the difference between table and tabuiation? V'Vhat is meant by tabulation? What are the main Discuss the main forms ot a table. 4. M.'hat is meant by a two-way table? Give an illustratjon. 5. Make a format of table presenting all its parts. we-explain the main parts of a table, 7. Describe 0B 3. Long Answer Type Questions h main r.harac.terisf•.r

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1. With the help of a table, you will be able to arrange the data in rows and columns systematically. But with the tabulation, data that are classified as rows and columns will be arranged in the  tabular form.
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