Paheli avoids eating vegetables but likes to eat biscuits, noodles and white bread. She frequently complains
of stomach ache and constipation. What are the food items that she should include in her diet to get rid of the
problem. Give reason for your answer.

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​Constipation is a condition in which person is not able to pass stools easily or faces problem in bowel movement. It can happen with people of any age group. Most obvious causes are of constipation are-  lack of fluids in the body, lack of fibres in diet etc.
Hence, Paheli should include fluids and fibres in her diet and also should avoid eating junk food. Fibres are include in the diet because they help in retaining the water content of our body. They help in getting rid of the waste material from our body. They increase the volume of stool in the body, thereby preventing constipation. They also make the passage of stool smooth and easy.

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The main is to eat fibre rich food they prevent constipation and ensures proper bowel movement.
We should follow a balanced diet so that we remain healthy
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