Periodical assessment of pollution
control programmes in terms of
costs and benefits so as to increase
the progress with respect to
environmental protection

Dear Student,
Social responsibility of a business is its obligation to perform those actions which are desirable in terms of objectives and values of the society and benefiting the community business cannot exist with sole purpose of maximising profits therefore a business has to undertake various activities for public good so as to maintain goodwill among people.
Need for protection of environment:
​​​​Protection of environment is a serious issue that confronts the business managers the business manager/owner has to take care of the surroundings,his natural resources in order to survive.
Cost effective pollution control policy:
Pollution prevention and control is a serious issue which needs much focus and attention of the corporate world.An effective pollution control programme can reduce the cost by replacing old technology with newer technologies leading to lesser production of waste and saving the cost of cleaning and waste disposal.Moreover, a proper environment protection policy enhances the social image of the company thereby paving ways for its growth.
Periodic assessment of the pollution control policy can help maintain a steady growth in business with respect to environmental pollution.

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