Pick out suspension , colloidal solution from the given below:
soap solution, copper sulphate solution, animal solution, sugar solution, muddy water, chalk and water mixture, tooth paste, milk, starch solution, mist, fog, and smoke

Solutions are basically of two types:
                     (A) Homogenous solution: in which the components are completely dissolved in each other and cannot be differentiated by  naked eyes or any other physical experiments. They are copper sulphate solution and sugar solution.
                     ( B) Heterogenous solution: in which the components are not dissolved in each other and can be differentiated. They are of two types depending on the size of particle.
                  (1) Suspension solution: particle size is greater than 1mm, and can be differentiated by naked eyes. They are : muddy water and mixture of chalk and water. 
                 (2) Colloidal solution: particle size is between 0.001 to 1 mm and cannot be differentiated by eyes but it is still large enough so that is is not dissolved by the solvent. They are: animal solution,toothpaste,milk,starch solution,mist,fog and smoke.

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