pl help me how to write essay on "my favourite game" and "favourite subject maths"

These questions focus on developing your writing and creative skills. We recommend that you frame such answers on your own. However, a few pointers are given below for your reference.


My favorite game


* my favorite game: ludo

* game of four players

* expert of this game

* always defeat my brother

* love to play ludo with my family members


My favorite subject


* My favorite subject: Mathematics

* calculations seem like a game

* problems of algebra are very interesting

* geometry is  easy and scoring too

* always get full marks in this subject



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just write what do u love about it

suppose ur fav subject is maths ispr paragraph likhdo ki kyun pasand hai...and same wid the game also

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First vote me thumb up!!!!!!!!!! Then I shall answer!!!!!!!!!! (I shall give an essay)

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Here are some points. Please make an essay on your own using this points as hints:

Maths is my fav subject because (reason)Wihout maths we would not be able to perform any kind of calculations
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