pleas experts write a short note on chanakya or kautilya reeeeeeaaaaaaaaly quick.

Chanakya- He was a scholar at Takshashila ,a teacher and guardian of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of Mauryan Empire and the brain behind the demolishing of Nanda empire.His treatise on administration can be compared to the the principles of Machiavelli.

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he was born in 270 bc in taxila.chanakya was the chandragupta's minister. he wrote a book named arthashastra.this book tells us about the mauryan administration. he wrote a book chanakya niti. he and chandragupta have been credited with deafeating the nanda empire and settimg up the mauryan empire. after chandragupta maurya died he continued to serve as an advisor to bindusara, chandragupta's son. his other name was vishnugupta. he died in 283 bc in patliputra, the capital of the mauryan empire.

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