Please answer 127 question

Please answer 127 question tor is 12 an fix iotic nd B Iyan use 127. 128 work to create a system where pests are not eradicated but kept at manageable levels v cological niche of an organism includes all, except (1) Range of conditions it can tolerate (2) Resources it utilises Body organisation which it has 4 unction it performes in an ecological system v Identify the correct combination. Species A Species B Interaction (1) Clown fish Sea anemone Protocooperation (2) Sea anemone Hermit crab Competition Chathamalus Predation Balanus Amensalism (4 Black walnut Alfalfa dentify the correct match w.r.t. A, B and C in the graph, representing response to abiotic factors of different organism.

Dear Student, Commenalism is defined as an association between two organisms in which one benefits while the other derives neither benefit nor harm. So, the sea anemone provides shelter for the hermit crab which in turn helps the it to obtain it's food. Thus, option 2 is correctly paired. Option 1 is incorrect because the two species interact with each other while the protocooperation means benefitting each other without interaction. Similarly rest are in correct. Regards

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