please answer 21st questioon
please answer 21st questioon 20. The perimeter ofa rectangle is 42 cm and its area is 20 a) What is the sum of length and breadth? b) Find the length and breadth. 21. The circle with centre O is divided into three sectors as shown in the figure. Central angle of the first sector is 6(P. Irwe put a dot inside the circle without looking into it, a) What is the probability of the dot to be in the first sector? b) Ifthe probablityof the dot to be in the second sector is — what is its central angle? c) Find the probability of the dot to be in the third sector. E1003 Answer any five from questions 22 to 28. Each question carries S scores (5 2 3 4z-t.vate Windows 25) Windcns

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