Please answer 6th question immediately
Q.6. Construct a triangle in which AB = 5.3 cm, A = 45 °   a n d   B = 90 ° . Draw its line or lines of symmetry.


Since angle B = 90 degree and angle A = 45 degree so other angle will also be 45 degree as sum of all angles of a triangle is 180 degree so here we can say that it is isosceles right triangle and in right isosceles triangle line of symmetry is median of angle bisector of 90 degree angle . So here BE is line of symmetry 

Make a line AB of length 5.3 cm now from B make an half circle of any radius with MN as diameteras shown now from M and Nmake arcs of length more than MB or NBand then will cut at a point on upper side now since it is isosceles triangleso BC = 5.3 cm and now join A and C to get hypotenuse AC. Now from line of symmetery here only one line of symmetry isbisect angle MBP by taking M and P as center of arc of any length that will cut somewhere on right and join this and extend it will cut line AC at E so BEis the line of symmetry


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Draw line AB 5.3 cm
At B construct 90 degree angle.
Extend the line.
At A construct 45 degree angle
Extend the line.
The point where these 2 lines meet is C.
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