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Please answer fast for fresh avenues. He aspires for a world of his own losses by his extravagant ventures. He is willing to 8. Bring out the father's distrust in the son's abilities. Ans. The father in the poem does not trust his son. He t} He wants his son always with him. QUESTIONS I REFERENCE TO CONTEXT Read the extract and answer the following questions: Father and son, we both must live On the same globe and the same land, He speaks: I cannot understand Myself, why anger grows from grief. We each put out an empty hand, Longing for something to forgive. (i) What does the speaker realises at last? (ii) Where does the speaker's grief lead to? (iii) How is reconciliation possible? SHORT ANSWER UESTIONS Answer the following questions in about 1. Why does the father appear so 2. How can you infer

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i) The speaker realises that, despite their differences, he and his son need to live together to keep their relationship alive. The father is keen that the son be with him instead of making his own world away from him. They must start afresh and find a common ground.

ii) The speaker's grief leads to anger. There is anger and frustration as the father and son cannot understand each other.

iii) Father and son both put out an empty hand because they seek to reach out to each other devoid of previous baggage. They come to each other without their own preconceived notions or conditions, they have chosen to forgive and forget. They have nothing common between each other anymore, nothing that can be shared. So they must start afresh from that state and possibly discover a common ground which can accommodate their divergent views of looking at life.


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