Please answer for the Q d1-8

Please answer for the Q d1-8 ycsæraay . Y examination. (i v) This question canie (v) is difficult to come (vi) She has her property fall back (vii) Recently there has been a small reduction in her old age. (viii) He made ambitious vians, but all of them in the price of petrol c) .J0in the following pair of sentences to make one complete but or so. (i) He may go anywhere. i will find him. (ii) How shall we get the money? I do not know.. (iii) Clear the written test. Only then you will be called for an interview (iv) We will enjoy the sto Our teacher told us the story d) Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after ea other changes as necessary, but do not change the meaning of each sentence. (i) I shall go to the market if you come. (End: u. 'less you come. ) (ii) She hid herself so that she might not be seen. ( Use: lest) (iii) Jane is the prettiest girl in the tov.n. (Begin: Is . (iv) I could not teel sorry for her mother . (Begin: I could not help. (v) Ile is inviting each of '1is friends. (Begin: Each) (vi) Why don't you come with me for a picnic? ( Begin: I suggest......... ) (vti) He not only advised ne hut also belped me (Begin: In addition. (Viii) Why did you leave late? (Begin: She ought.

Dear Student,

1. I shall not go to the market unless you come.
2. She hid herself lest she might not be seen. 
3. Is Jane not the prettiest girl in the town?
4. I could not help feeling sorry for her mother.
5. Each of his friend is being invited by him.
6. I suggest you to come with me for a picnic.
7. In addition to advising me, he also helped me.
8. She ought not to have left so late.

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