Please answer it fast

Please answer it fast •he blanks With the corveet form 01 the words given in two mistakes in 9. 10. captain, w•ith his team members. Everyone Of tlw troupe ot my brothers Time and tide Fifty thousand rupees None but the brave Which oi these great leader and statesman Two and two teacher, as well as her students, - Ihree-iourths of the house OiAPTER 3 any car. (haven-was' for no man. (watts,'wntj big sum. (are/ is) _ the fair. yours? „ dead. (areas) . four. (make,'rnakesi present constructed. (werejwasj 33

Dear  Student,

Here are your answers - 

1. are
2. was
3. was
4. has
5. waits
6. is
7. deserve
8. is
9. is
10. make
11. is
12. was


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