Please answer q. 47

Please answer q. 47 t by ofa es fin (iii) An obJCC' concave lens of focal engt (a) position and (b) nature of the image fond 40. List the sign conventions that are followed refraction of light through spherical lenses. diagram and apply these conventions in det the nature and focal length of a spherical forms three times magnified real image object placed 16 cm from the lens. U: 41. State the laws of refraction of light. Write expression to relate absolute refractive index medium with speed of light in vacuum. The refractive index of a medium x with respect 2/3 and the refractive index of medium y with to z is 4/3. Calculate the refractive index of medium: with respect to x. 50. 42. (i) If the image formed by a lens is diminished insti and erect, for all positions of the object, whatt)tk of lens is iP

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