Please answer question 24

Please answer question 24 23. 24. 28. 26. (b) Pendular ('egmentary) movement (c) Both (d) None In oesophagus which layer is found at the place of serosa (a) Tunica adventitia (b) Tunica albuginea (c) Tunica vaginalis (d) All Of the above What is the correct sequence of thickness o: muscle layers in the stomach of human beings (a) Circular Oblique Longitudinal (b) Oblique Longitudinal Circular (c) Longitudinal Circular Oblique (d) None Of the above Lamina propria is related with (a) Human intestine (b) Liver of human being (c) Graafian foii‚ÄĘcie (d) Acinus of pancreas By the mechanical stimulation on the wall Of Stomach, a harmone is released. This is Gastrin (c) Secretin (b) Progesterone (S) pancreozyrnin (04)

Dear student.

The correct answer is  (c) Longitudinal --> Circular --> Oblique

Thickness of muscular coat comprises outer layer of longitudinal muscles, middle layer of circular muscles and inner layer of oblique muscles.

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