Please answer question 4

Please answer question 4 ) Given below are five groups of five terms each, arrange and order so as to be in logical sequence : (i) Left ventncle, Pulmonary vein, Mitral alve, Left auricle, (ii) Epididymus, Urethra, Seminal vesicle, Sperm duct, (iii) Tympanum, Stapes, Cochiea, Incus, Malleus. . ) Absorbs energy, Photons, Stoma, Grana, splits water molec (v) Root hair cell, Endodermis, Soil water, Cortex, Xylem.

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The correct logical sequence is 

Photons, Grana, Absorbs energy, Splits water molecules and stoma.
The energy in the form of photons is absorbed by the Grana, with the help of pigment chlorophyll and the absorbed energy further splits water molecules whereas stoma(stomata) takes in carbon dioxide to release oxygen.

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