Please answer the question paper

Please answer the question paper •a Chawla. a Education c.og„ge March became on Johnso' • Qualities hard C) S a nia a d) i) a) i) f'] MO ( beskle Make sentences wiOi modals as directed, shook' (to expmss "vice s Find the word out_ rich, wealthy. needy, affluent Identify the figure of speech. Her eyes are bali of fire Rearrange the to make sentences. tw6•e / / nun she has / seer, nk be I When / firvshed'? Fill in the blank with a suitable to be. helping Of main action verb. (410.5: dressed hurriedly and went out.

Dear Student,
Given below are few of the answers to your questions. Kindly post the others in a separate thread.

a. of
b. at
c. from
d. beside

a. (i) He should work hard if he wishes to top the class
(ii) Sameera can sing well if she practises well.
b. (i) needy
(ii) happy

Q5. (a)
(i) simile
(ii) metaphor

(b) (i)She has never seen this man before
(ii) When will the work be finished by you?

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Thank you.

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