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Please answer the questions Why-h word Q.2. these • . Everyone hot friend. C. She Came to d. I the Charminar lone Ome "0, e, 't rained night 0-3. Make changes In the Oven sentence in the a. She is a poor speaker, (exclamatory) b. You should write a letter today, (interrogative) c. What a beautiful garden' (declarative) d. 't was a terrible accident. (exclamatory) e. He sing very well, (interrogative) f. She enjoyed the party last nøt. (negative) g. Thinking and writing Is a pod combination, (exclamatory) h. She will not come here tomorrow. (positive) i. There are four lawyers standing there. (interrogative)

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to the second question. Please post the others in separate threads.

  1. Everyone doesn't have a friend.
  2. He didn't break my ruler.
  3. She didn't come to my party today.
  4. I haven't seen the Chaminar.
  5. It didn't rain last night.
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