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Q21. In Figure 12.  BCD =  ADC and  ACB =  BDA. Prove that AD = BC and  A =  B.

         ABC and  ABD are two triangles on the same base AB, If line segment CD is bisected by 

Q22. AB at O. Show that ar (ABC ) = ar (ABD)
          Express x = 3y in the form ax + by + c = 0 and indicate the value of a, b and c. Write two 
           solutions of the equation.

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Question 21)

ACB =BDA           -- (given) ADC = BCD         --(given)CD = CD                  --(common)  So ACDBDC by AAS congruency rule   AD=BC     --(CPCT) A =B     --(CPCT)  

Question 22)


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