Please answer this Error detection

Please answer this Error detection Summercamps develop a child confidence and his ideas. They also encourages children to doing things on their own. (c) . The camps are beneficial on hyper-active (d) and aggressive children as they help us (e) channel their energies fruitfully by drawing out the good in them. They also (D . promoted mutual understanding not only (g) between teachers and children or also (h) .... bring about interaction between the taught.

a)child                         child's
b)encourages             encourage
c)doing                       do
d)on                            for
e)us                            them 
f)-                               -
g)promoted                promote
h)or                            but

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Child - child's
Encourages - encourage
Doing - do
On - for
Us - them
In - from
Promoted - promote
Or - but
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