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please answer this question of DNA (2) Protein Non axms tiffer frt*n that they : - (I) Are nuMe excitatk (2) L_ac.k nodes of Rarwier (3) Are not car»Ue of regeneratbn (4) Are not associat«f with If rnsehn sheath in fibre than What Will happens in neuron.l ct:mrtkzrl? ( ) Wlocity is increa«l (2) Condtx:tion is slog

Dear student,
Refer below for the above asked query:-
Option 2 is correct.
Non Myelinated Axons lack Nodes of Ranvier.
Nodes of Ranvier are present in the Myelinated axons.
Nodes of Ranvier are the unmyelinated areas on the axons.

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i think d is the answer 
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