Please check this message writing.
Sevak is a helper at the office of Mr. Raman.He receives a telephone call from one of the clients who wishes to meet Mr. Raman at 4 pm the next day.Since Mr.Raman is not in office.Sevak decides to write a message for him informing him about the meeting.Write the message in about 25 words.

Dear Student,

Please note the following points in regard to the message you have framed:
1. The words Day, Date and Time shouldn't be mentioned. The Day of the message can be skipped.
2. Since Sevak is a helper at Mr. Raman's office, the salutation 'Dear' should not be used. You could either use Mr. Raman or Sir in its place.
3. The body of the message can be modified to "One of your clients had called and is scheduled for a meeting with you tomorrow at 4pm."


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Yaaa. It's correct
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