Please convert the following Direct speech to indirect speech:-

1. "What does this sari cost?" Radha asked the shopkeeper.

2. "Who can do this puzzle?" He said to us.

3. "Who has done it?" She asked.

4. "Would you like tea?" She asked.

5. "Have you been to Agra?" I said. "What other places have you visited?" 

6. "Where does Mr. Mehta lives?" He said. "Do you think he is at home?" 

7. "Good afternoon, Suresh," said Robort."Why are you standing here?"

8. "I've passed my exam.""Congratulations!"

9. "You've stepped on my foot!""Sorry."

10. "Happy Christmas!" said Anand."Thanks," said John.

11. "The weather is fine,"he said."Shall we go for a picnic?"

1. Radha asked the shopkeeper what that saree cost.

2. He asked us who could do that puzzle.

3. She enquired who had done it.

4. She asked if we would like tea.

5. I asked if they had been to Agra and what other places they had visited.
Dear student, try to do the other sentences on a similar basis. In case of a doubt, revert back to us.

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