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.             Journal
In the books of King Ltd.
Date Particulars L.F Dr Cr
(i) Land A/c.    Dr.   12,00,000  
       To bank A/c     12,00,000
  (Being land purchase )      
(ii) Land A/c.    Dr.   10,00,000  
      To Queens Ltd     10,00,000
  (Being land purchase)      
  Queens Ltd      Dr.   10,00,000  
      To Bills Payable A/c     10,00,000
  (Being the acceptance given to Queen)      
(iii) Land A/c.    Dr.   8,00,000  
     To Queen's Ltd     8,00,000
  (Being the purchase of land)      
  Queen Ltd A/c(8000 × 100).    Dr.
loss on issues of debentures A/c.    Dr 

      To 7% debentures A/c     8,00,000
  To premium on redemption of debentures A/c     40,000
  (Being the debentures issue at par and redeem at premium)      

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