Please explain how all the lateral roots, cork cambium and a part of vascular cambium arise from the pericycle.

Formation of lateral roots from pericycle:-
1. Two cells of the pericycle termed as founder cells adjacent to the protoxylem poles undergo asymmetric division.
2. After this these cells undergo further division, causing radial expansion.
3. The small, central cells then divide periclinally in a series of transverse, asymmetric divisions such that the young primordium becomes visible as a projection made up of an inner layer and an outer layer.
4. After this the outer layer of cells divide to form third and fourth layer of the primordium.
5. Expansion and further division of these four layers eventually results in the emergence of the young lateral root from the parent tissue.

Vascular cambium is formed by the division of pericycle cells at the tips of the protoxylem poles. Remaining pericycle undergo division to form cork cambium towards the outer side.

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