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  • Branched chain hydrocarbons


Rules for the Nomenclature of Branched Chain Alkanes

  • Longest chain in the molecule is identified (called parent or root chain).

    Numbering is done is such a way that the branched carbon atoms get the lowest possible numbers.

    The names of alkyl groups attached as a branch are then used as prefix in the name of parent chain. The position of the substituents is indicated by the appropriate numbers.

 If two or more identical groups are present, then prefix   di  (for 2), tri (for 3), tetra (for 4) are used.

  • Numbers are separated by commas.

  • Lower number is given to the one coming first in the alphabetical listing.

    Carbon atom of the branch that attaches to the root alkane is numbered 1.


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Well it is very tough to solve the questions on the basis of naming. You should go through all the rules and also watch videos on this topic. ((Only remember rules)) and PRACTISE PRACTISE AND PRACTISE.
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