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This sonnet by Shelley revolves around a single object, a broken statue. The poet once met a man who had been to an antique land. The man recalls how he had seen the ruins of a statue in the desert. Only the legs of the statue stood standing, while the head was half sunk in the sand. The face of the person whose statue it was had a cold scorn on it. The expression was so vivid it could be said that the sculptor had done justice to the owner of it. 
The inscription on the pedestal of the statue claimed him to be the "king of kings". Once a powerful king, he was now reduced to pieces. Nothing of the of the power of the king remained. This shows that time is powerful than anything else in the world. No matter how great a king was or how big his kingdom was, his pride will cause his downfall.
The irony of the poem is evident in the lines where Ozymandias said, 'Look upon my works'. But his statue was lying on the sand, shattered to pieces and nothing remained of his kingdom that gave him reason to boast.

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