Please explain the common success story of india and pakistan in detail in easy language i am not satisfied with the answere u gave me before

India and Pakistan shared similar fate since their independence. Obviously! They were one country earlier! So, India had its First five year plan in 1951 whereas Pakistan had it in 1956. Both the countries initiated with a big Public sector and majorly were towards socialist approach. Welfare for people was the prime motive. Further, import substitution was one policy adopted by both the countries to reduce imports and make the country self sufficient. Having import restriction to save domestic producers from foreign competition was also common to both nations. Green revolution also affected both the countries similarly.
The growth stories showed some differences. Pakistan initially grew faster than India but India grew at 7.4% in 2000-2010 whereas Pakistan grew at 4.7%
So, in a way both India and Pakistan started from a scratch and rose using similar policies and strategies.

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