Please find meanings of these proverbs.

Please find meanings of these proverbs. "'tn esentmng. these proverbs associated "ith the word foot. Eind their meanin;-: them in sentences of our 1. put your best forward. 2. One shoe Will not fit every ft.»t. J. With one foot in grave. He that goes barefoot must not plant thorns. One foot is than two crutches. If you your mouth shut. you woni put your foot in it. on the sands of time are

Dear Student.
  1. To put as much effort in a work
  2. Every person cannot agree on the same thing or opinion
  3. Be closer to death
  4. A person should be aware of his actions if his living without care.
  5. Something is better than nothing
  6. One can keep his mouth shut, it won't harm him.
  7. One should work to make some impact in the world.
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